Can Couples Counseling Save My Relationship?

Relationships take work, and at times, can be hard to maintain. While it can be normal for a relationship to have its’ series of ups and downs, neglecting to repair a relationship can cause serious problems. Couples looking to work through relationship problems may make the decision to turn to a couples therapist. Attending couples therapy with your spouse has the ability to support you and your partner in communicating. However, it will be up to the two of you to put in the work. This is especially the case when keeping your relationship intact. 

Are You Both Willing to Attend Counseling Together?

While some people are completely comfortable with the idea of attending couples counseling, others may be more apprehensive. It can be difficult to talk about your feelings and the intimate details of your relationship with another person. Although we can provide you with a comfortable environment, it’s important that you and your partner are both willing to come to counseling together. While one partner may be more reluctant to attend therapy than the other, it’s important that you are both committed to coming. If your partner is unwilling, you may want to talk with them about the reasons they may be feeling oppositional. However, despite this, should you discover that your partner is not willing to attend counseling, we can still provide you with the help you need. A counselor can support you by working through the best way for you to communicate your needs to your partner. 

Are You Both Prepared to Put in the Work?

Couples therapy does have the ability to help repair conflict within relationships. However, in order to successfully do so, you must both be willing to put in the work. Counseling does have the ability to improve relationships over time. It’s important to be aware that this is not a quick fix, it will take time to repair your relationship. Attending therapy has the ability to help:

  • Improve Communication
  • Provide You with Coping Skills to Apply to Your Relationship
  • Help to Build a Stronger Connection with Each other
  • Deepen Couple’s Intimacy
  • Understand Your Partner’s Perspective
  • Better Manage Conflict

Making it work takes serious commitment. We can support you both in hearing each other’s perspectives so that you can strengthen your relationship. Relationships take work on both your parts. A therapist can help you and your partner come together to have a deeper understanding of each other. 

Sometimes, you and your partner may feel stuck in how best to repair your relationship. There can be a number of reasons for this to occur. Feeling disconnected from the person whom you share a life with can be incredibly challenging. Working with a counselor who understands relationship dynamics and is comfortable with supporting couples can be the best place to start reconnecting with each other again. Are you ready to take the next step? If you would like to schedule an appointment, a counselor is just a phone call away. 


Source: Couples Therapy Sterling, Virginia, Lindsay Hoskins & Associates