Healthcare providers are a cornerstone of the community, responding to a medical crisis as well as everyday health concerns. As a frontline medical practice, the responsibilities with which you’re faced may feel overwhelming at times. This might be particularly true in light of the ongoing COVID pandemic. There is a delicate balance between offering your patients and the community at large the information they need in order to stay safe, and the proliferation of what is later deemed as misinformation. When situations are in flux and there are more questions than answers, it is easy to fall into the trap of providing information that is confusing more than anything else. A PR company can help your practice find the right balance, and offer measurable value to the public at the same time.

An experienced PR firm, will understand the challenges faced by medical institutions and work closely with our clients’ liability lawyers, facility decision-makers, and other key personnel. We offer a full-bodied solution that encompasses crisis management and public perception, company growth, and other issues that pertain to each client’s goals and concerns. What are your pain points? Discuss them with us and find out how we can help you minimize or eradicate them altogether.

Sometimes, Less is More

Under many circumstances, providing too much information at once can be a disservice to the public and to a medical practice. This is because when situations are fluid, the current information that is available to you may be lacking, incorrect, or subject to change. Once the information is broadcast to the public via mainstream news services or social media, it is impossible to take that information back if it is later determined to be inaccurate. This can seriously damage the credibility of your organization. When a PR company shapes the narrative, truth and integrity are emphasized with the short view as well as the long view. Tone and phrasing are weighed and relevant facts are considered. Every detail is important from delivery to content to follow-up. Our media specialists understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers. We have developed strong relationships with those in the media and we excel in leveraging available opportunities to put our clients in the strongest light and at the same time allow them to focus on what they do best: providing vital medical care to the community.

PR Firms are Here for You

When tragedies strike, or the routine but necessary community outreach is impossible because resources are already stretched thin, a well connected PR firm can step in and fill the need. Our services include media updates, media interview training, media resource management, and so much more. We are available on-call or on an ongoing basis, depending on your needs. Contact us today to learn how an experienced PR firm can make a tremendous difference for your organization.

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Thank you to the experts at Goldman McCormick PR for their input on managing PR in medical malpractice.