How a PR Company Can Help Your Medical Practice during Trying Times

Healthcare providers are a cornerstone of the community, responding to a medical crisis as well as everyday health concerns. As a frontline medical practice, the responsibilities with which you’re faced may feel overwhelming at times. This might be particularly true in light of the ongoing COVID pandemic. There is a delicate balance between offering your […]

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Understanding Chiropractic Care

Like dentists, there are jokes about how chiropractors are not really doctors, but that is insulting to the profession and the individuals who dedicate their lives to such treatments and therapies. True, doctors of chiropractic do not have the same privileges for prescribing medications or performing surgeries, but nor do they want them. Chiropractors undergo

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symptoms of diabetes

Diabetes: Besides knowing the signs and symptoms of diabetes and managing your risk factors, you may need regular screenings from age 40 onward, depending on your family history and risk factors. Ask your physician for advice. *Talk to your physician about recommended health screenings. Guidelines for health screenings vary and your physician may recommend a

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